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La Normandie....

Being married to a frenchman has its advantages aside from the accent! We get to holiday in France regularly ie. eat superb seafood fished by my husband in his tiny little boat which is docked in the tiniest port of France-Port Racine, drink lots of good wines, local cider and enjoy the beautiful countryside. We spend our holidays at Cap de la Hague which is the furthest northern tip of the Cherbourg peninsula- The locals call it 'Little Ireland"..not so sure about that and I haven't seen them drink much Guinness either!...See for yourself ...

Port Racine- The tiniest and to me the cutest port in France Fishing time for Guillaume and the children...on this trip they brought back 2 lobsters...a good haul!
Looking pretty...

Cider King and dairy farmer Pierre Ladvenue is our neighbour and friend. He fought in the Second World War and is a mine of information. He is never in a hurry and always takes time to chat and share stories of bygone days.

A touch of Class at the K-Club

With so much talk of Kate and Wills Royal wedding, it brought me back to a wedding I covered in the luxurious 5 star  K-Club recently. This wedding was also featured in Irish Brides Magazine. It was a stunning day and the bride and groom were perfect, gracious and clearly madly in love. Their wedding day was a blast and a pleasure to be part of.