Thursday, June 30, 2011


The 48 hours I spent in Milan was not what I expected..I had heard it was an industrial city which not a lot to offer...I got a pleasant surprise- rich, vibrant, buzzing, tasteful and beautiful-Milan is a city wich certainly merits a visit. The greatest architects have come together in Milan - Numerous construction sites are outlining the skyline of its future which marry well with the architectural grandeur of its past. 
Milan has been synonymous for breaking some of the most inspirational fashion of the last 20 years- It is THE fashion capital of the world. A mecca for shoppers with plenty of dosh that is! It is a hive of activity, in the few hours I was there I witnessed a buddist shopping in Gucci, thousands of shoppers with Gucci, Prada, Dolce shopping bags...oh someday... The Milan Gay pride parade, an animal rights demonstration, the infamous Navigli antiques market, a quick stop on in the beautiful city of Bergamo and then to the airport...the time was too short but I'll be back...

Driving in Milan you are taking your life in your hands!! Never a dull moment and never a dull Vespa...

Now where did I read that buddists take poverty vows...mmm if shopping in Gucci is part of the poverty equation I'm joining!

'Aperitivo': Aperitivo was actually invented by the milanese. Its the Italian equivalent of our 'Happy Hour' however the Italians focus is more around food, mingling and good conversation as opposed to getting sloshed!! Many bars, lounges and street cafes offer appertivi which typically includes a spread or a buffet of finger food on the purchase of a drink between 7-9pm.

The Duomo is a major tourist attraction in Milan. It is one of the biggest gothic cathedrals in the world.

We happened upon the Gay pride march whilst rambling the streets of Milan..I was in my element- yet again another chance to snap some very enthusiastic gay priders!

This poor pigeon didnt know what was going on..birds of a feather and all that!

Milans antiques market stretches along the canal in the Navigli district for about two kilometers each side of the canal. There are over 400 merchants onsite. We were lucky enough to spend Sunday morning browsing the market..eyecandy if you like antiques...and something for everybody whether it be furniture, vintage clothing, dolls eyes or watch faces!

A quick stop off in the beautiful city of Bergamo en route to the airport..not enough time- another reason to return