Tuesday, August 30, 2011

VIP Photoshoot with Henry Healy Obamas 8th Cousin

Henry in his home town of  Moneygall.

Henry and Ollie Hayes and Obamas bust which sits on the counter in Hayes pub where Obama and Michelle mingled with their newfound Irish family and the locals
Henry and Ollie Hayes outside the eponymous pub where Obama famously downed a pint of Guinness.
Henry pictured with his sister in law Sandra Healy, and her two children Cathal and Robert.
Reverend Canon Stephen Neill verifies the Obama link to the Kearney family in the official records.

Held by a President! Baby James was just five weeks old when he was picked from the crowd by Obama in Moneygall. The President even picked up the babies dropped soother! Brian and Caroline intend to christen their son James John Barack Nolan as a special reminder of the day.