Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn has arrived

Living in Ireland seasons are not really something that exists...we more or less have one wet monsoon season...however, I tried to convince myself that Autumn has arrived as the leaves are starting to turn and it is a little chillier...the rain is a constant but that goes without saying, it does give us that wonderul arrays of green which makes our emerald isle so famous....
Most people think that a bright sunny day is ideal for a photoshoot, my photographer friends will agree with me that bright sunlight is not always ideal. Personally I happen to like the misty wet days which we have in abundunce...and of course the children love the muddy puddles :)
A red squirrel paid a visit to our garden its the first time I've seen one in Ireland- I grabbed my camera and got this shot through the window of my sitting room..I've been awaiting his return, camera at hand..

I told you not to pick it!!!


  1. Only noticing now that my comments on these before didn't go - these are fantastic photos (love the coat done up wrong!) Also loving the new blog layout & colours, so chic (& in my fav tones!).

  2. Thanks Nicole....lovely happy memories :) someday Charlies Mom will learn how to button his coat!!!!