Thursday, January 24, 2013

Olé Madrid

A last minute decision to spend a weekend in Madrid proved to be a great surprise.  Known to enjoy more cloudless days than any other European city makes it a very tempting city break.  A beautiful city architecturally and culturally with extremely friendly people, great food and small enough to get around the city centre on foot- what more could I ask for.
For the foodies among us, Madrid’s tapas are a must-try. There is some interesting history attached to them, dating back to the 13th century. Stagecoach drivers would stop off at a tavern to take a break with a glass of wine after completing another long and often dangerous leg of their journey. After many such stops, they would get so drunk and eventually become such a menace to other travellers, that the government actually passed a law forcing them to eat something along with their drink. This snack would usually be a piece of bread and ham placed on top of their glass. These tapas (tops or lids) have now evolved into a delicious edible tradition that can be enjoyed to thisday. Thanks to my friend Patt for her top tips on what to see and do- Some photos below to prove I took your advice! Enjoy!

 One of the highlights of my weekend was seeing the El Grecos in the Prado Museum- I nearly got thrown out for photographing this (without flash might I add so absolutely no harm to this stunning crucifixion)

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